Hi Steven,

I thought they were looking for a company to help them with this project.

I didn't want to take the lead on this but if I am then I'm sorry to say that the user story list for the beta is extremely boring:

- user can subscribe for free during beta with an email
- user can create a private repository
- user can create a token
- user can upload packages to the repository with their token
- user can delete a package
- user can delete a repository
- user can delete their account

But then if we want to pay for that it has to be much more interesting, you could go completely crazy on ideas:

- user can create groups, assign permissions on packages etc
- user has a command to upload that supports encryption for their packages to host on the public server,
- user has a command to spawn a server for a given repository given a token, then packages could be uploaded/downloaded directly from their own network
- that could also run on their private network in which case the public server can serve as proxy,
- fun & profit

Best regards