On 11/11/2019 17:10:40, C. Titus Brown wrote:
Hi folks,

moderator here. I’d (strongly) suggest no further replies, unless there’s something Python specific to discuss. I’ll put the list into emergency moderation for a bit.

The OP used APL for a number of years, and fell in love with it.
He has translated this love into a mystical esteem for "Notation" (it's not clear what that means)
and a belief that "Python ought to use left arrow instead of the walrus operator, and ultimately instead of the "=" (assignment) symbol.".
There have been many knowledgeable and insightful posts to this list (much more
sophisticated than I could ever have written!) seriously attempting to address his concerns.
But: Bottom line: Modern programmers find that the extra symbols used by APL are obscure,
and by the OP's own admission take "a year or two" to become familiar.
In a nutshell: APL is a dinosaur; the world has moved on.
Python is always alive to adopting ideas from other programming languages.
But in this case "We've heard what you say.  No thank you".
Rob Cliffe