> Then if Executor.__exit__ detects an exception it would call shutdown with cancel_futures set to True.

Oh, I see. That should be rather simple:

    def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_val, exc_tb):
        if exc_val is not None and self._cancel_on_error:
            self.shutdown(wait=True, cancel_futures=True)
        return False

(I believe the above would have to be specified as an override for each of ThreadPoolExecutor and ProcessPoolExecutor if cancel_on_error were supplied as a parameter to the executor constructor. They both currently use the ``__exit__`` specified in the abstract Executor class, which wouldn't have access to cancel_on_error.)

My previous consideration about waiting for user input of cancel_futures after the release of 3.9, before adding cancel_on_error to the constructor still applies to some degree though. If it directly uses executor.shutdown() with cancel_futures set to True, the maintenance would be rather minimal. But, it would potentially risk adding an underutilized parameter to the executor constructor (which contributes to feature bloat).

On Mon, Feb 3, 2020 at 4:03 AM Miguel Ángel Prosper <miguelangel.prosper@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hmm, it should be possible. Do you specifically mean cancelling the pending
> futures once a single one of the submitted functions raises an exception,
> or cancelling the pending futures when the Executor itself raises an
> exception (I.E. BrokenProcessPool)? I would assume the prior, since that
> seems more useful to me.

I was referring to any exception within the context manager of the executor, not the futures or just the executor's exceptions, something such as the following:

with ThreadPoolExecutor(cancel_on_error=True) as executor:
    # Code here
    raise Exception

 Then if Executor.__exit__ detects an exception it would call shutdown with cancel_futures set to True.
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