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 > That's nice to know, but IIRC datetime is from the top 10 Python
 > modules that need a redesign. Things contained therein doesn't pass
 > human usability check, and are not used as a result.

in what sense does it not "pass human usability check"?

Please don't feed the troll.  He is known for opinionated digs like the above and historically, nothing good comes from trying to discuss them.

Well, I admit that it takes a really bad mood and anger to write stuff about anything, and it is not very constructive state of mind. The rest of the things I could just probably silently enjoy (or spend time on something else).

Whatever. To make anything constructive out of it, people need to accept the "usability" and "user experience" as a study disciplines, and that the studies could be and should be applied to Python (in this case to stdlib).
anatoly t.