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The idea is to add a new string prefix 's' for SQL string. This string doesn't do anything in Python, unlike b"" or f"" strings, but interactive Python shells like IPython or Jupyter can parse the following characters as SQL syntax instead of Python syntax and give SQL syntax highlighting and autocompletion, and if they are configured correctly, they can do column name autocompletion. Unfortunately when I try to type s"select * from table" it gave me syntax error instead, so I think this need to be implemented in Python language itself instead of module

First, as to SQL specifically, writing literal SQL in code is a bad idea. It's easy to have bugs, especially sql injection. You should use an ORM at the very least a SQL builder. Instead of:

    sf"select * from sometable where name = '{userName}'"

you would write something like:


And I believe the same thing applies to HTML and just about anything else that has a complicated enough syntax that this idea would be useful for.

Second, if I had a strong reason to do something like this, I'd want to use a function that enabled me to add run-time sanity checking (at least during development and testing phase):

    _html_(f"This is a <b><i>{adverb} bad</b></i> example.")

and in production that function would just return the value untouched.

--- Bruce