Huh? That makes no sense.
is not
    a = a [] x
or anything like that. Language decisions shouldn't be made based on wrong understandings of how the language works.

As to the idea of turning a guaranteed run time error into a compile time error I'm usually in favor of that. If it doesn't muck up the compiler.

--- Bruce
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On Jun 13, 2010 5:54 AM, "Demur Rumed" <> wrote:

> > But if the programmer intended a to be global, the *only*
> > reason it's a bug is the current s...

def f(x):a[x]=x

Some like to think of []= as a form of augmented assignment
Currently, []= doesn't align with other augmenteds on this point
That doesn't seem very consistent. Add on that augmented
assignment is the only globalizing store statement which also
dereferences, and consistency doesn't seem to be a strong point
against this proposal

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