I'm not sure I should rewrite my asyncio code to threading, I'll just keep going asyncio, maybe one day it'll be possible to get the best of both worlds ...

On #python they generally tell me that the extra syntax is worth it because of the internal details, that rewriting to threads does not seem like a good idea on the long run.

People tell me "you can use threads if you want, but why not keep your codebase in asyncio", so really I'm not sure what I /should/ do.

Basically, my use case is about subprocess call programing, so I got await on 10% of my SLOCs, it's on a toy project on https://yourlabs.io/oss/shlax

Actually, it's not really much of a problem for me, I'm just trying to feel the complaints that I've read about Python async, and get a proper idea of the refutations that you got, from this thread you might have seen https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23496994 I guess we can say "curiousity killed the cat" once again ;)

Thank you all for your replies,

Have a great weekend !