For the specific case of `__file__`, yes, I think that would be too disruptive. This isn't a function that *consumes* a path -- it's a path that is consumed by innumerable other modules, most of which aren't under active maintenance, and a sizable fraction of those would break if this turned into a Path.

For other situations, you'd have to get specific -- I can't guess which ones particularly bug you. :-)

On Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 6:07 PM Christopher Barker <> wrote:
I really like pathlib.

But for a while is was painful to use, 'cause there was som much code that still used strings for paths. That was made a lot better when we introduced the __fspath__ protocol, and then updated the standard library to use it (everywhere?).

But there are still a few that bug me. For instance:

__file__ is a path represented as a string. It's not too big a deal to wrap it in Path(), but it still annoys me.

So: would it be entirely too disruptive to replace these kinds of things with Path objects?


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