On Sep 15, 2017 7:23 AM, "Jason H" <jhihn@gmx.com> wrote:
Another pain point is python uses [].append() and JS uses [].join() Having a wrapper for append would be helpful.

There should be one, and only one, obvious way to do it.

And for that matter, why isn't append/extend a global? I can add things to lots of different collections. lists, sets, strings...

This is a key misunderstanding. You CANNOT "append" to lots of collections.

You can ADD to a set, which has a quite different semantics than appending (and hence a different name). You can neither add nor append to a string because they are immutable.

I can imagine various collections where appending might make sense (mutable strings?). None of them are in builtins. If a 3rd party wrote such a collection with append semantics, they'd probably name it append... e.g. collections.deque has an "append" (but also an "appendleft").