On Thu, Jul 25, 2019 at 9:32 AM Batuhan Taskaya <isidentical@gmail.com> wrote:
What i see is when you post the ideas channel and it is something that doesnt change much on the frontside people dont care. And when people dont care, they forgot. PEP reviewing process is way better than posting to ideas and try to convince people. 

You are proposing a change to the content of PEP 1 (https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0001/). If you look at the history of that PEP, you will see that its content has changed over time. It used to be that non-core developers could write PEPs that were accepted: I know this very well since I've never been a core developer and have written a PEP that was accepted (https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-3111/) some thirteen years ago. This was then; now, I personally do see the need to have PEPs sponsored by core developers - you obviously have a different opinion.

At the very least, you should go over the history of PEP 1, and find out the discussions (on python-ideas and python-dev, as well as possibly other sources) that led to the change which you wish to revert. You might want to provide a rationale as to what such a reversion is warranted, including a summary of the arguments that led to the current situation (sponsorship required) and how the entire process would be improved by not requiring this sponsorship.  

Following the practice for discussions that lead to PEPs, you should also include the arguments offered by others on this list who do not appear to support such a change and explain why and how the alternative you propose is better.

I assume that your underlying motivation is that you have in mind some changes to the Python language or its libraries, and that you would wish to submit a PEP without requiring a sponsor. Since core developers are responsible for implementing and supporting such changes, your suggestion to change PEP 1 should include an explanation as to how core developers would benefit from the change you propose and how allowing anyone, no matter how familiar they are with the Python code and standard library, to be able to submit PEP that would require the core developers to spend valuable time considering them seriously without the ideas included in the PEP having been discussed more casually on some public forums such as this one.

André Roberge