On 15 Aug 2020, at 20:15, Ram Rachum <ram@rachum.com> wrote:

Here's something that's been bugging me for years. I'll suggest something, but since I'm a total newbie about this area, it's possible that everything I'm saying is impossible or doesn't make sense.

I'm working with some Pandas code now, and there's an exception because I'm doing something wrong. I get a traceback, but some of the frames are in pyd files (C code I guess?) so I don't see the code for them.

This is frustrating, because the exception message isn't that clear, so I would at least like to know what the code was trying to do when it got the exception. Maybe this will give me more hints about what's going wrong.

Would it be possible to have Python tracebacks include code for C code that's called in Python?

On Linux gdb can show the python and c code stack at the same time.


I know very little about how the C-to-Python interaction works, and I assume we'd need something complicated like packaging the source code with the binaries in some way that lets Python get the right line of C code to put in the traceback. This can get complicated.

Do you think it's possible?

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