2016-06-02 14:45 GMT+02:00 Steven D'Aprano <steve@pearwood.info>:
But if you want to extend it to solve "far more" (whatever you mean by
that), please don't hijack this thread. If you think of some other
problems you would like to solve (whatever they might be), please feel
free to propose a solution to them in another thread. But *this*
discussion is about solving *this problem*:

    Some (but not all) functions need to know the name of their
    assignment target, so that the object they return can give
    itself a name that matches that target. Or to put it another
    way, some objects need to know their own name. The existing
    solution to that is simple, but inelegant and annoying: you
    have to manually type the name as a string and pass it as an
    argument to the function.

If you want to solve some other problem, please do! But that's not part
of this thread, and if the proposed solution to *this* problem doesn't
solve *your* problem, that's irrelevant.

I want to extend it to: some object also need to know module they're declared and their own qualified name (for example for pickling support).