On Thu, Nov 5, 2020 at 8:03 PM Hans Ginzel <> wrote:
Is there a reason, why not to make python useful for practical one liners
to replace perl and awk?
There is page Powerful Python One-Liners,
But almost none of them handles files, behaves like unix filter
or is ugly – must import modules, etc.

It seems that the command line options like -a, -n, -p, -F are still free. :-)

Why not use them almost the same way as in Perl?

E.g. -n would be almost equivalent to

        import sys,os,re
        from fileinput import *
        for line in input():
                <-c code comes here>

-p will print(line) as last command of the for cycle.

Why to learn Perl/awk/datamash/mlr/…, for “one line like” tasks?

Thank you in advance

Why not to have an elegant (one line) answer in python for questions like this?
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