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> I also agree with a later reply about avoiding the murkier side of blockchains / etc.  That said, it seems to me (again, sample size one anecdata) that creating a more levelled playing field for package publication could benefit from the use of some distributed technologies.  Even HTTP mirrors are, arguably, a basic form of that.. there's at least one question related to recency of data, though.  Delaying availability of a package to an audience -- if it's important enough -- could under some circumstances become effectively similar to censorship.

A blockchain won't solve anything here. It would be completely and
utterly impractical to put the packages themselves into a blockchain,
so all you'd have is the index, and that means it's just a bad version
of PyPI's own single-page index.

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Mostly agreed.  A distributed hash table or similar, though, could be appropriate in combination with ideas similar to the accreting layers of self-reinforcing consensus that some blockchain technologies provide.