What about "apply"? It's the closest thing to "fmap" I can think of that won't coblnfuse people...

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On 19.09.2015 01:18, Erik wrote:
Apologies for the self-reply. I just wanted to clarify a couple of

On 18/09/15 23:56, Erik wrote:
If the foo operator uses the magic method "__foo__" to mean "return an
object to be used in place of the operand should it be considered ...
false? [or some other definition - I'm not sure]"

Not "false", I think. The "foo" operator is meant to mean "I will go
on to use the resulting object in any way imaginable and it must cope
with that and return a value from any attempts to use it that will
generally mean 'no'" (*).

If that was a postfix operator which has a high precedence, then:

bar = foo?

and the original syntax suggestion:

bar = foo?.isoformat()

Which is clearly wrong - the first part should be:

baz = foo?
bar = baz.isoformat()


(*) Should we call the operator "shrug"?

Maybe monad?

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