Note also that a PEP does not need to be the first step. 

Write the code, ask people to try it out, if others like it, they may test and contribute, etc.

While a PEP may be necessary to get something into the stdlib or core, it can be a document that captures the interactive, "agile" process -- it does not need to be design up-front.


On Saturday, April 4, 2015, Chris Angelico <> wrote:
On Fri, Apr 3, 2015 at 7:33 PM, anatoly techtonik <> wrote:
> Author is me, so you can ask directly. Why I didn't propose to redesign?
> Because people will assume that somebody will need to write PEP and will
> force me to write one. I don't believe in "redesign by specification" like
> current PEP process assumes and people accuse me of being lazy and trolling
> them, because I don't want to write the PEPs. Damn, I believe in iterative
> development and evolution, and I failed to persuade coredevs that practices
> digged up by people under the "agile" label is not some sort of corporate
> bullshit. So it is not my problem now. I did all I am capable of.

Why, exactly, is it that you don't want to author a PEP? Is it because
you don't have the time to devote to chairing the discussion and all?
If so, you could quite possibly persuade someone else to. I'd be
willing to take on the job; convince me that your core idea is worth
pursuing (and make clear to me precisely what your core idea is), and
I could do the grunt-work of writing. But you say that you "don't
*believe in*" the process, which suggests a more philosophical
objection. What's the issue, here? Why are you holding back from such
a plan? *cue the troll music*

There are many Pythons in the world. You can't just hack on CPython
and expect everything to follow on from there. Someone has to explain
to the Jython folks what they'll have to do to be compatible. Someone
has to write something up so MicroPython can run the same code that
CPython does. Someone, somewhere, has to be able to ensure that
Brython users aren't caught out by your proposed change. PEPs provide
that. (They also provide useful pointers for the "What's New" lists,
eg PEP 441.)

So, are you proposing a change to Python? Then propose it.

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