What about just supporting filtering syntax at the top level?

for x range(50) if x % 2: print(x)

It's a minor syntactic change which is very flexible and consistent with the existing comprehension syntax. Could even extend to allow multiple iterators as per a comprehension

On Fri, 8 Jun 2018, 15:59 Jacco van Dorp, <j.van.dorp@deonet.nl> wrote:
Given that an exhaust method for generators didn't make it, I dont
think a keyword has more chance. For reference, that exhaust method
would have looked like:

(print (x) for x in range(50)).exhaust()

and be defined as:

def exhaust(self):
    for _ in self:

Also, there was some more involved method that did it in less
characters, having to do with queues of length 0 or something.
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