On Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 2:07 AM, Andrew Barnert <abarnert@yahoo.com> wrote:
For example, when I've built something like this, sometimes I want errors on duplicate values, sometimes just pick one arbitrarily, sometimes I want the inverse dict to store sets of values, and sometimes I even want _both_ to store sets of values. Do you want to do just one of those, or two or more? Controlled by flags? Or different attribute names? Or different classes?

My use case is quite simple. I believe I always used this pattern on a one-to-one mapping, so allowing repeated values to overwrite or throwing an error is not exactly important to me, but it may be to someone else.

Someone suggested a MultiDict sort of thing, but I don't think I need that amount of complexity here.

I will write a concrete class and post on PyPI then.

João Bernardo