On Mon, 2 Sep 2019 at 2:24 AM, Michael Felt <michael@felt.demon.nl> wrote:
Among other places, Python ideas was recommended as a place to goto.

In the meantime I have been discussing this on pypa/pip (mainly), and also on wheel and packaging. Even submitted PRs. But the PRs are only needed if the tag is inadequate.

So, part of my reason for being here is to figure out if I can call the current tag algorithm a bug, or is correcting it a feature?

I am trying to approach this the Python way rather than be seen as a bull in a china shop.

Thanks for replying!

That's fair.

As others and myself have pointed out elsewhere, for Python Packaging matters that don't need CPython changes, the discussions happen on distutils-sig or, lately, https://discuss.python.org/c/packaging.

When we want to make changes that affect CPython directly, let's build consensus on the issue tracker discussion (or the corresponding discourse thread) that it is the approach we wanna take, and then start a new thread here with a more specific targeted request. :)