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Actually, it conveys in a very plain manner that David Mertz does not think your idea is a good one.
Please stop being so dismissive of others' comments. It does not endear you to them.

This list is about discussing the idea,
not only stating an opinion. I know
i am not endearing people to me but i
prefer threads to remain short and on
topic which helps projects like these:
The lists make great finds but it's more
difficult when many mails which don't
bring value to the discussion are present

I know that taking the pain to write a mail
is an act of great consideration but
maybe i don't have the tact to express
myself as deem ok. On python lists since
i have been following them, i prefer
threads die than having it continue just
for the sake of it continueing, like theĀ 
present thread is doing.

Kind regards,

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer