I am currently attempting to go through the entire archives of Python-ideas to make a summary of the discussions about adding a syntax for decimal literals in Python. In doing so, I encountered a weird bug which I find especially annoying since it makes me look like a spammer.

If one goes through the archives by month, from May 2010 [1] to June 2011 [2], the first post shown at the top for each and every one of these monthly treads is one I wrote on May 15, 2010 [3].  This problem is not limited to the period between May 2010 and June 2011, as other misplaced posts often appear at or near the top of monthly tread summaries.

[1] https://mail.python.org/archives/list/python-ideas@python.org/2010/5/ 
[2] https://mail.python.org/archives/list/python-ideas@python.org/2011/6/
[3] https://mail.python.org/archives/list/python-ideas@python.org/thread/G4JCU5XEUSXHXFO42RA2DAVUSPWDGSHU/

Please note that there is no need to discuss the idea I mentioned in that old thread as it has since been implemented as a separate package.

André Roberge