On Thu, May 7, 2020 at 9:48 AM Kirill Balunov <kirillbalunov@gmail.com> wrote:
Sorry for off topic. Isn't this chain.from_iterable just a historical legacy... now we have PEP 448 and I see no differences* between chain(*iterable) vs chain.from_iterable(iterable). Are there?

* chain.from_iterable is a little bit faster for small iterables, but if at that time we had PEP 448, would this small speed benefits be enough to make additional method to chain. I think no.


`chain(*iterable)` converts iterable into a tuple, concretizing it in memory. chain.from_iterable(iterable) is lazy and goes through the elements one a time, meaning iterable can be infinite.

I don't think PEP 448 has any bearing on that.