On Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 2:47 PM, Greg Ewing <greg.ewing@canterbury.ac.nz> wrote:
On 28 February 2018 at 21:48, Robert Vanden Eynde <robertve92@gmail.com> wrote:

Isn't it easier to talk on a forum?

For me, the fact that all the mailing lists I subscribe to
feed into one input queue is a feature, not a bug. It means
I can easily keep abreast of developments in many areas at once,
without having to laboriously and explicitly go and visit
multiple forums and threads.

Also, every web forum I've ever used has been slow and klunky
to use compared to a mail/news client.

We can kill this topic right now. We'll be moving to MM3, which is a mailing list for those who like email, and can also be used as a web forum for those who like that. Personally I'm partial to both, so I think this is the best of both worlds.

--Guido van Rossum (python.org/~guido)