On Sun, May 1, 2016, at 08:27 PM, Guido van Rossum wrote:
If a coder currently writes
team.evict_user(team.users[i].uid, team.users[i].email, "Bye bye")
because they can't be bothered to write
user = team.users[i]
team.evict_user(user.uid, user.email, "Bye bye")
then would they bother writing this instead?
using team.users[i]:
    team.evict_user(.uid, .email, "Bye bye")
I seriously don't clean my screen enough to find this an OK syntax. "self.x" is perfectly readable, but not because the dot is particularly visible, but because the dot is sufficient to combine those two parts into a single unit to my eye. It makes the two parts blur together more then the dot is, itself, strongly visible.
Every use case I can think of for this feature is better (as defined as more readable?) spelled as a local variable, even if its a short variable I'd normally argue against, like:
u = team.users[i]
team.evict_user(u.uid, u.email, "Bye bye")
Normally I don't like variables like 'u', but if they're very local in functions that aren't long, they're fine. In those cases where they aren't fine, the proposed using's dot syntax would remove from vision what you're currently operating on and would therefore not be good either.
To me this feature sacrifices readability for writability, and readability is more important.
Stephen Hansen
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