Can you post source for the regular and pyparallel HTTP servers you used?

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Relevant part of the video with the normal Python stats on the left and PyParallel on the right:

Transcribed stats:

Regular Python HTTP server:

Thread Stats    Avg     Stdev   Max
 Latency        4.93ms  714us   10ms
 Req/Seq        552     154     1.1k
10,480 requests in 10s, 69MB
1048 reqs/sec, 6.9MB/s

PyParallel (4 core Windows VM):

Thread Stats    Avg     Stdev   Max
 Latency        2.41ms  531us   10ms
 Req/Seq        1.74k   183     2.33k
32,831 requests in 10s, 216MB
3263 reqs/sec, 21MB/s

So basically a bit less than linear scaling with more cores, which isn't too bad for a full debug build running on a VM.

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Have you seen this?:

I spend the first 80-ish slides on async I/O.

(That was a year ago.  I've done 2-3 sprints on it since then and have gotten it to a point where I can back up the claims with hard numbers on load testing benchmarks, demonstrated in the most recent video:


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I've written an article about how I perceive the future of asynchronous I/O in Python. It's not something that should directly be incorporated into python now, but I believe it's useful for python-ideas list.

And a place for comments at Hacker News:

I hope being helpful with this writeup :)

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