Hi Julien,

Don't despair! I have tried to get people to warm up to dict addition too -- in fact it was my counter-proposal at the time when we were considering adding sets to the language. I will look at your proposal, but I have a point of order first: this should be discussed on python-ideas, not on python-dev. I have added python-ideas to the thread and moved python-dev to Bcc, so followups will hopefully all go to python-ideas.


On Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 7:26 AM, julien tayon <julien@tayon.net> wrote:
Sorry to annoy the very busy core devs :) out of the blue

I quite noticed people were
1) wanting to have a new dict for Xmas
2) strongly resenting dict addition.

Even though I am not a good developper, I have come to a definition of
addition that would follow algebraic rules, and not something of a
dutch logic. (it is a jest, not a troll)

I propose the following code to validate my point of view regarding
the dictionnatry addition as a proof of concept :

It follows all my dusty math books regarding addition + it has the
amability to have rules of conservation.

I pretty much see a real advantage in this behaviour in functional
programming (map/reduce). (see the demonstrate.py), and it has a sense
(if dict can be seen has vectors).

I have been told to be a troll, but I am pretty serious.

Since, I coded with luck, no internet, intuition, and a complete
ignorance of the real meaning of the magic methods most of the time,
thus the actual implementation of the addition surely needs a complete

Bonne fêtes
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