Your minor change is certainly an improvement.  _The Elements of Style_ ( is certainly a good text, but it's not even actually a style guide in the formal sense.

On Fri, Jun 26, 2020 at 5:26 PM Keara Berlin <> wrote:
Hi all, this is a very small change, but I thought I would field it here to see if anyone has suggestions or ideas. Instead of requiring that comments be written in Strunk & White Standard English, PEP-8 should require instead that English-language comments be clear and easily understandable by other English speakers. This accomplishes the same goal without alienating or putting up barriers for people (especially people of color) whose native dialect of English is not Standard English. This change is a simple way to correct that while maintaining the original intent of the requirement. This change may even make the requirement more clear to people who are not familiar with Strunk & White, since for programmers, the main relevant aspect of that standard is "be clear and concise;" simply saying that instead of referencing Strunk & White may communicate this more effectively.
Here is the current line in PEP-8: "When writing English, follow Strunk and White."
I propose changing this line to "When writing English, ensure that your comments are clear and easily understandable to other English speakers."
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