Lie Ryan wrote:
On 09/18/10 06:00, Raymond Hettinger wrote:
> The good news is that long argument lists are uncommon.  They
> probably only arise in cases with dynamically created functions and
> classes.  Most people are unaffected.

How about showing a Warning when trying to create a large namedtuple?
The Warning contains a reference to a bug issue, and should describe
that if they really, really need to have this limitation removed, then
they should ask in the bug report. Just so that we don't complicate the
code unnecessarily without a real usage.

In Python, classes are largely syntax sugar for a dictionary anyway, if
they needed such a large namedtuple, they should probably reconsider
using dictionary or list or real classes instead.

+1 on removing the restriction, just because I find large namedtuples useful.

I work with large tables of data and often use namedtuples for their compactness. Python dictionaries have a large memory overhead compared to tuples. This restriction could seriously hamper my future efforts to migrate to Python 3.

- Tal Einat