On Thursday, March 6, 2014 9:45:47 PM UTC-6, Steven D'Aprano wrote:
Decimal is not a panacea. Both Decimal and binary floats have the same
limitations, they just occur in different places for different numbers.
All floating point numbers have these same issues. Fixed point numbers
have different issues, rationals have their own issues, and symbolic
computations have a different set of issues.

       hi Steven,  yes, I concur.  My primary objection (for immediate concern)
is that we have now a very fast module for doing decimal floating point  math
with less of the issues you speak of. Doing decimal floating point math by
default, or at a minimum, providing a way to enter decimal numbers 1.234d
would do a lot to alleviate  much of the perceived difficulty with float issues. 

Computer maths is a leaky abstraction. No matter what you do, how you
implement it, the abstraction leaks. Not even Mathematica can entirely
hide the fact that it is computing rather than performing a Platonic
ideal of mathematics.

      Again, I concur.  Leaky is one thing... but being mired in 40-year-old
paradigms because IEEE 754 1985 floats |doubles are so entrenched just
doesn't make sense to me, and should be corrected.  

       I am not insisting on Guido's "sweeping" reform.  I'm just trying to make
like a little easier for number munching and get folks to be forward thinking 
about moving to a decimal based floating point system of number for python
by default---sometime.

      Thank you for your response, Steven.