I just realized that I had not responded to you. I’m sorry for not replying to the message as this was one of the messages that came in digest form. I am referring to your message here:


I looked over your comment about how input() should be like print(), but there is an issue that I see with it. It seems print() allows overriding the file used for the output. It seems like input() should allow that for symmetry.


FWIW, I think your idea about making some file “readline” method more like input() is intriguing. I think I like the modification to input() better as it makes more sense to me as I can already change the file used by input, but it’s done through side effects now (i.e. setting sys.stdin to a different value). I think that removing the need for the side effect would be a good outcome. I feel like it’d at lease be more obvious what someone is doing than when I look at current use cases that redirect the stdin.