Hello all,

Aspiring contributor here.  I am not at all certain that this is the right place to discuss this.  Do refer me to a better location if I'm out of place.

I would like to add a simple feature to the argparse library.  I frequently find myself writing small utilities, stylistically similar to unix's "rm" whose main parameter(s) get bundled into a list and it doesn't matter if flags are sprinkled throughout.

e.g.  "rm foo.txt -f bar.txt" removes both foo.txt and bar.txt forcefully.

Doing this in argparse currently is cumbersome at best (though I would be happy to be proved wrong on that), so I rarely implement it as a feature.

Of note, calling parser.add_argument with nargs="..." or nargs="A..." or nargs="*" gets close, but will not allow you to intermix other flags between your list.

I have a working modification of argparse.py that I could commit, but I know there's several steps between here and there - I just don't know what those steps are.

Any direction would be very much appreciated.