Greeting lists,

I am thinking of proposing to name accepted PEPs as PAPs
namely: Python Accepted Proposals.

Hence if we say PAP8 we know it's an accepted proposal.


I quoted V. Stinner in this for PEP 608, he told me
by the way it was not accepted. This got me thinking that to know 
accepted peps on reading or hearing of it without seeing the status, 
you need to be a PEP historian. But, if on the other hand you see 
PEP 0608, you instantly know it has not been accepted and when 
you hear of PAP 561 you know it is an accepted PEP

I know that PEPs have different status as enumerated here but at least
such a naming would make a clear distinction.

Curious to hear your thoughts ^^

Kind Regards,

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer