On Mon, May 4, 2020, 10:55 AM Ricky Teachey <ricky@teachey.org> wrote:
I'm wondering if a `mode` (or similar) keyword argument, with multiple possible options, should be included in the "rejected" section of the PEP.

zip(*args, mode="longest")  <-- default
zip(*args, mode="equal")  <-- or "even"

Whoops apologies, I intended to say: 

zip(*args, mode="shortest")  <-- default
zip(*args, mode="equal")  <-- or "even"

And (correction in caps):

An advantage of this way is if the option to zip in different ways proves popular, you could later add zip LONGEST as an option, and maybe others I'm not smart enough to think of:

zip(*args, mode="longest")

The PEP should argue against doing this since `strict= True or False` forever limits you to only two modes of zipping.