May be the first thing which I should do is to improve my English:) My main point was that in many cases
(in my experience) it is a waste of memory to store entire list for star variable (*b) instead of some kind
of iterator or deferred evaluation.

How do you defer evaluating the second and subsequent items if you
evaluate the final two? Given:

def gen():
    yield 999
    for i in range(100):
        yield random.random()
    yield 999
    yield 999


a, ?*b, c, d = gen()

If I can not copy at Python level, I can 'tee' when 'star_pos' is reached.

In my usual practice, the main use that I encounter when see an assignment to a star variable is as a storage
which is used only if the other vars match some criterion.

With kind regards, -gdg