On 24/03/2019 17:44, Christopher Barker wrote:

This is the glory of open source projects -- if you have a great idea, you can simply do it:

- Start a document that describes Python's Core design principles
- Put it up somewhere (gitHub would be good) where others can contribute to it
- If it becomes a wonderful thing, then propose that it be published somewhere "official" -- as a meta-PEP or whatever.

And of course people have.I'd like to thank Victor Stinner and Eli Bendersky for their articles about aspects of Python and its implementation. I've found both useful to go back to. Others may like to bookmark these:



I looked briefly for an article on .join(), but amusingly all I found was further evidence that the question that started this thread is a recurring one (https://eli.thegreenplace.net/2008/06/06/python-impressions).

Jeff Allen