On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 9:20 AM David Mertz <mertz@gnosis.cx> wrote:
Fwiw, I'm probably -0 on the feature itself. Someone suggested it could be useful for xarray, but I'm not sure now what that would look like. If someone had an example, I could easily be moved.

agreed -- I can imagine the use case, but am not enough of an xarray user to com eup with a compelling example.

But if it IS useful for xarray (and maybe Pandas, and who knows what other nifty packages -- maybe a database wrapper? -- that doesn't mean it has to be used for Mappings.

Jonathan -- I'm still quite confused about what your proposed syntax with dicts means, could you maybe both:

describe it in words


Give complete examples -- that is, what the dict looks like before an after the operation, and what is returned.
I'm not against the original suggested use with type annotations, but I also don't really care about it.

me neither, and I'm a little against it -- I really don't ike all the typing creeping into python these days ...


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