On Sun, Apr 19, 2020 at 11:54 AM Richard Damon <Richard@damon-family.org> wrote:
> When it comes time to refactor—now we need to rename 'telephone' as
> 'home_phone' and add 'cell_phone'—finding all the locations to change
> is a PITA. If only we could grep 'person_record' globally, it would
> have been easy.

My personal thought on the case you are presenting, is that I would be
tempted to grep for telephone, to change that because the change likely
affects not just this given structure, but may also impact related
structures which also assumed a single phone number.

Sure.  But what I gave was a simple case.  There are all kinds of complications like this person_record being passed around from call to call without actually accessing `.telephone` in a particular scope.  Or doing something dynamic with the attributes/keys that won't show up in a `grep telephone`.  Or the string telephone occurring lots of times in unrelated structures/objects.  Or lots of other cases where lots of name changes makes refactoring more difficult.  I mean, I've DONE it, and I'm sure you have as well.  Clearly refactoring isn't impossible with different names across scopes... and this goal is one of several in picking names, not the single predominant one.


Richard Damon
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