I was thinking we would end up using the console API for input but stick with the standard handles for output, mostly to minimize the amount of magic switching we have to do. But since we can just switch the entire stream object in __std*__ once at startup if nothing is redirected it probably isn't that much of a simplification.

I have some airport/aeroplane time today where I can experiment.

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From: eryk sun
Sent: ‎8/‎12/‎2016 5:40
To: python-ideas
Subject: Re: [Python-ideas] Fix default encodings on Windows

On Thu, Aug 11, 2016 at 9:07 AM, Paul Moore <p.f.moore@gmail.com> wrote:
> set codepage to UTF-8
> ...
> set codepage back
> spawn subprocess X, but don't wait for it
> set codepage to UTF-8
> ...
> ... At this point what codepage does Python see? What codepage does
> process X see? (Note that they are both sharing the same console).

The input and output codepages are global data in conhost.exe. They
aren't tracked for each attached process (unlike input history and
aliases). That's how chcp.com works in the first place. Otherwise its
calls to SetConsoleCP and SetConsoleOutputCP would be pointless.

But IMHO all talk of using codepage 65001 is a waste of time. I think
the trailing garbage output with this codepage in Windows 7 is
unacceptable. And getting EOF for non-ASCII input is a show stopper.
The problem occurs in conhost. All you get is the EOF result from
ReadFile/ReadConsoleA, so it can't be worked around. This kills the
REPL and raises EOFError for input(). ISTM the only people who think
codepage 65001 actually works are those using Windows 8+ who
occasionally need to print non-OEM text and never enter (or paste)
anything but ASCII text.
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