But is appdirs only useful if you are running something that's more toward system package / desktop application? A lot of projects today create their own directory to save data, many use $HOME/DOTCUSTOM_DIR. So the use case of appdirs should be addressed.

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When defining a place for config files, cache files, and so on, people usually hack around in a OS-dependent, misinformed, and therefore wrong way.

Thanks to the tempfile API we at least don’t see people hardcoding /tmp/ too much.

There is a beautiful little module that does things right and is easy to use: appdirs

Is appdirs compatible with the OS X recommendations (as required by the App Store). Apple only gives you cache and app data directories; prefs are supposed to use NSDefaults API or emulate the file names and formats properly, and you have to be sensitive to the sandbox.)

If so, definitely +1, because that's a pain to do with anything but Qt (or of course PyObjC). If not, -0.5, because making it easier to do it wrong is probably not beneficial, even if that's what many *nix apps end up writing a lot of code to get wrong on Mac...

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