Wouldn't it be nice if this

>>> import ast
>>> print repr(ast.parse("(1 + 1)").body[0].value)
<_ast.BinOp object at 0x0000000001E94B38>

printed something more useful?

>>> print repr(ast.parse("(1 + 1)").body[0].value)
BinOp(left=Num(n=1), op=Add(), right=Num(n=1))

I've been doing some work on macropy, which uses the ast.* classes extensively, and it's annoying that we have to resort to dirty-tricks like monkey-patching the AST classes (for CPython 2.7) or even monkey-patching __builtin__.repr (to get it working on PyPy) just to get 

    eval(repr(my_ast)) == my_ast 

to hold true. And a perfectly good solution already exists in the ast.dump() method, too! (It would also be nice if "==" did a structural comparison on the ast.* classes too, but that's a different issue).