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ISTM the primary use cases advanced here have been for "naive" users.
Likely they won't be in a position to decide whether they trust Guido
van Rossum or Egg Rando more. 

There are 718,155 users on PyPi -- I can't imagine that trying to figure out which of those hundreds of thousands of users you trust for reviews would be at all helpful -- it simply doesn't scale.

I suppose if my fantasy "curated" site existed, and the curation group  were of a manageable size, then you could do that, but the point of having a modest number of curators is that you can already trust them ;-)

Honestly, I'd be more likely to go with "I can assume that projects that are dependencies of other projects that I already know are good quality, are themselves good quality". Which excludes people from the equation altogether,

I there are a number of metrics that could be used -- and "how many projects" use this projecct as a dependency" is a good one. -- "which" projects would be even stronger. And there are others.

Anything like that it can be gamed, but I"m not sure that's as huge a problem as it might be -- what is the incentive to game this system? this is all open source, no one's making money, and frankly, having a lot of users can be a burden as well!

Sure, many of us would really like a lot of people to use our code, but  the incentives to cheat to get more users really aren't that strong. -- at least if. you can filter out the malware in some other way.


but which falls apart when I'm looking for a library in a new area.


Cautious +1, since PageRank did pretty well for a good stint in a somewhat analogous environment.
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