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Practically all this notation does, it reduces the time
before you as a programmer
become visual and brain impairments.

Even if you were right that your approach is somehow inherently easier, it is flat-out wrong that other approaches lead to "brain impairment".  On the contrary, it is well-established that challenging the brain prevents or at least delays brain impairment.

And it also makes no sense that it would cause visual impairment, either.  Comparing glyphs is a higher-level task in the brain, it has little to do with your eyes.  All your eyes detect are areas of changing contrast, any set of lines and curves, not even glyphs, is functionally identical at that level (and even at medium-level brain regions).  The size of the glyphs can make a difference, but not the number of available ones.  On the contrary, having more glyphs increases the information density of text, reducing the amount of reading you have to do to get the same information.