On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 6:42 PM, Guido van Rossum <guido@python.org> wrote:
> -1.
> How often do you really need this ?
> In which of those cases wouldn't a static code analysis give you
> the call order of the parameters already  ?
> "Nice to have" is not good enough to warrant a slow down of
> all function calls involving keyword arguments, adding overhead
> for other Python implementations and possibly causing problems
> with 3rd party extensions relying on getting a PyDict for the
> keyword arguments object.

What he says.

In addition, I wonder what the semantics would be if the caller passed
**d where d was an *unordered* dict...

What if the default behavior stays as it is today, but a magic decorator is added, (maybe @ordered_kwargs or some such),
and only for these kind of functions the new behavior applies.
Also, given such a decorator, when given **d where d is a regular dict, the implementation could possibly throw an error. (Or maybe it is up to the implementor of the specific function). 


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