On 28 November 2010 22:37, cool-RR <cool-rr@cool-rr.com> wrote:
`issubclass(1, list)` raises an Exception, complaining that `1` is not a class. This is wrong in my opinion. It should just return False.

Use case: I have an object which can be either a list, or a string, or a callable, or a type. And I want to check whether it's a sub-class of some base class.

So I don't think I should be taking extra precautions before using `issubclass`: If my object is not a subclass of the given base class, I should just get `False`.

FWIW (which isn't much I guess) it annoys me that I have to protect calls to issubclass with if isinstance(obj, type).

It isn't a subclass, so a False would be fine... The advantage of type checking is earlier failures when you're doing something wrong. The disadvantage is, well, all the disadvantages of type checking...

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