So, why can't you call random.shuffle(all_tests) if you want to run your tests in random order?

I dont randomize test order. People should stop assuming that they know better. I need to randomize some arguments for one particular test and I cannot call shuffle between tests. Its a continous list of declarative tests. Needs to be shuffled().
See? No way to put imperative code between tests.

sample(container, len(container))

That wont work because I would have to type the expression that is used as argument twice in a test. I need shuffled. Enough said.

I'll reiterate that I don't have a use case for this myself... 

I dont have a use case for half of what the std library offers. Or for type annotations. Asynchronous comprehesions, what is that? Do you see me rejecting those?

> (sample having default of entire list size)

That would work but would not be pretty. shuffled() is self explanatory and has a nice ring to it. Randomized list is not a sample by definition.

Arkadiusz Bulski