2013/5/31 Brett Cannon <brett@python.org>
> [citation needed]

OK, I claim it isn't as widely used as I think would warrant
inclusion, you disagree. Asking for a citation could be thrown in
either direction and on any point in this discussion and it comes off
as aggressive.

it was a joke. you say “it’s not widely used” and i used wikipedias citation tag in order to say: “i’m not so sure about this”

> wrong, wrong and irrelevant.

It might be irrelevant to you, but it isn't irrelevant to everyone.
Remember, this is for the stdlib which means its use needs to beyond
just what packaging wants.

you said JSON is faster to parse in context of metadata files. that’s really irrelevant, because those metadata files are tiny.

speed only matters if you have to do an operation very often in some way. that isn’t at all the case if your task is parsing one <100 lines metadata file. for every other use, the user would be able to decide if it was worth the very slightly slower parsing. the area where parsing speed is of essence is a use case for something like protocol buffers anyway, not JSON or YAML.

 Yes, says me. It's my opinion and I am allowed to express it here.

You are beginning to take this personally and become a bit hostile.
Please take a moment to step back and realize this is just a
discussion and just because I disagree with it doesn't mean I think
that's bad or I think negatively of you, I just disagree with you.

i’m sorry if i came over like this. let me tell you that this was not at all my intention!

best regards,