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> For example,
>     if (A <: B or A <: C) and A <: D:
> is not much better than
>     if issubclass(A, (B, C)) and issubclass(A, D):
> especially if you don't know what either of those mean. You can search
> for issubclass, but you can't search for <:.

Please can people stop trotting out this tired argument? I just typed
"<:" (without the quotes) into Google - or rather, into my Chrome
omnibar - and the first hit was a Stack Overflow question regarding
the "<:" operator in Scala, the second is Scala documentation about
"Upper Type Bounds" which looks plausible, and then there are a few
others that may or may not be related.

Symbols CAN be searched for, both in Google and in many documentation tools.

It's still harder. E.g. the wikipedia article on subtyping does not show in the search results for "<:", and searching for "<: wikipedia" ignores the "<:" entirely and just searches for "wikipedia".
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