It sounds like you may be asking about two different things:

* adding more distinct platform tags for wheels to use for AIX, indicating... a minimum OS level, if I'm connecting the dots correctly. This would be like what PEP 513 did with `manylinux1` for Linux, and PEP 571 is doing for the new-and-just-confusingly-named `manylinux2010`. I think you're suggesting that IBM's own "OS level" concept would make this a much less daunting task than the manylinux tags have been.

* adding more information to `sysconfig.get_platform()` for AIX, specifically the bittedness of the architecture.

For the second point, here's what I see on my Linux laptop:
>>> sysconfig.get_platform()

That specifies the bittedness, so it seems natural to do the same on AIX. I expect the main question people will ask is about compatibility, with existing scripts out there that look at `sysconfig.get_platform()` and expect the current form of output for AIX.

For the first one, it sounds likely useful and definitely more work than the status quo, and I'd guess that simply no-one has stepped up to do that work. Perhaps you would like to do so. :-) In that case I think the first step will be to say more concretely what you imagine these tags looking like and meaning. And the best forum for that is very likely to be a packaging-specific forum rather than this list; there's distutils-sig, and you might also try .


On Sun, Sep 1, 2019 at 1:53 PM Michael Felt <> wrote:
Among other places, Python ideas was recommended as a place to goto.

In the meantime I have been discussing this on pypa/pip (mainly), and also on wheel and packaging. Even submitted PRs. But the PRs are only needed if the tag is inadequate.

So, part of my reason for being here is to figure out if I can call the current tag algorithm a bug, or is correcting it a feature?

I am trying to approach this the Python way rather than be seen as a bull in a china shop.

Thanks for replying!

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