I kinda like it.  Definitely +0.0, maybe +0.5.

On Thu, Nov 12, 2020 at 2:46 PM Matt Wozniski <godlygeek@gmail.com> wrote:
    if __main__:

It would behave as though

    __main__ = (__name__ == "__main__")

is executed in each module's namespace before executing it.

Some other commenters say they rarely dual-use modules as scripts.  I do this quite often myself.  There's some little functionality that is useful from the command-line, but some supporting functions within it, or some more nuanced version of calling those arguments is also useful in larger projects.  I know there are other ways to achieve that purpose, but for quick-and-easy, the __name__=='__main__' is something I do often.

I don't think this would break anything.  Yes, the slightly more verbose version would need to be maintained forever.  But the semantics of __main__ being implicitly defined when scripts are run is easy to explain.

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