On Tue, Apr 12, 2022, 4:31 PM Steven D'Aprano 
Except the most important one: why are you using multiple inheritence when you clearly don't want multiple inheritence, instead you want delegation?

I'll note that hundreds of posts ago, I made the FIRST reply to this silliness, and that it 100% explained every single needless digression that followed:

> If you want to explicitly delegate a method to a class, you should explicitly delegate a method to a class.
> This is exactly why a lot of folks feel composition is better than inheritance (at least often so).
> You don't need `super()` to call `SomeSpecificClass.method(self, other, args)`

I also co-authored a widely read article on then-new C3 linearization in Python with Michele Simianato before he wrote his really great explanation of it in the Python docs, and his also great 15+ year old pieces on traits